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The Mystery Of Receptivity

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I have often wondered, why certain people and places are more responsive to the Gospel, while others are not. Some of my friends have claimed that when we pray more, expect more and evangelize more, there we should see more fruit.

The rationale appears sound. Except that the history of the Gospel has not always demonstrated this. For centuries, messengers of God have worked faithfully and seen little fruit. At times, and in some places, it can be shown that their efforts did indeed yield “regeneration” fruit. But, that fruit often came generations later.

In the most recent history of the Church there have been examples that do demonstrate the expectation: concerted prayer, great expectation and intense evangelizing activity.

I quite regularly return to thinking over the words of Jesus in Matthew 13. Still, the mystery remains. The places where there is the greatest “presence” of the Gospel and the confessing Church, have become some of the most nominal of Church history.

The discussion continues and is more complex than my thoughts to this point. And, we will not easily “solve” the mystery.

Matthew 13 increases the mystery!


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