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Each week I share a blog post and distribute a related newsletter to my mailing list.  The newsletter is a shorter version of the blog and, in a few words, it is intended to emphasize, expand, or highlight what I have written in the weekly blog post.

You can look backwards into archived blog posts.  These are shared with permission to forward on to others.

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I have done several versions of the basic SCP training over the years. We are glad to now offer those on this website. My prayer is that God will use them to inspire you, challenge you, and help you find all that God has in store for the Church of Jesus. There is no task more important than the message of redemption in Jesus that we are to live and declare to every man, woman and child on earth. With the completion of that task given to us by our Lord, we will also see His return. 


Penning my thoughts in hopes that the pondering and considerations that have been agitating my thinking over the years, will in turn, cause you to consider the role of the church and our personal responsibility as believers to live out our representation of Him in our relationships, body-life, service and ministry. 

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Leadership Intensive

Leadership Intensive

Over the last year, I led formation intensives with four partner churches focused primarily on younger people and was encouraged by the results. I have challenged everyone I can over the last years to spend 50% of our time forming and training other leaders. Such training not only helps to raise up a generation of spiritually healthy leadership for the decades ahead, it also prepares the church to embrace its most important evangelization strategy: the decentralization of the church.

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A rising tide of Christian leaders is confessing to significant immoral sexual thoughts and actions. Multitudes of believers are broken and fractured, missing out on the wholeness God intends for His people. Why? Many Christians today reject the truth that evil decisions and actions are a result of fleshly desires. We believe instead, “I am wounded”; “It’s not my fault”; “My parents made mistakes in raising me”; “The culture defrauded me.” We are not willing to admit, “I made the decision that resulted in this negative consequence.” Instead we look to experts for health and happiness.  But experts do not heal us; they simply teach us to manage our pain and engage in safer, healthier alternatives.

God is the only One who can make broken people whole again.  As we reject wrong sources for our healing and instead die to self and embrace the life of God for which each of us was created, the Holy Spirit through God’s Word will bring about in us joy, spiritual maturity, and victory over the flesh.

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