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Let’s Wait Actively for Jesus

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Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace. (2 Peter 3:14)

  1. Since you know the end of the story (vss. 11-12). Anyone who has been in the Bible for anytime, knows that the message of the return of Jesus is central to the Gospel. Undoubtedly, we, like other generations, have wondered, “how long oh Lord?” But, as Peter points out, the patience of God is salvation. So many more generations of people have come to reconciliation to God because God’s rightful judgment “passes” over generations of rebellious people, to find and save those others who have been chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, but are not born yet.

  2. Since you know that we will inherit a world of righteousness (vs. 13). For all of the generations of Jesus followers, there is the heightened expectation of a world where sin and rebellion don’t exist. Where only righteousness reigns!

  3. Since you know that deception surrounds us (vs. 17). As the years move towards the culmination of all things, deception increases. Satan finds more and willing followers who are instruments of His hatred of God, and we His people.

So, this is our challenge: because we know the end of the story that began in Genesis; because we long for a world of righteousness; and, because we are acutely aware of the deception that surrounds us; we are diligent.

We are diligent to nurture the impact of the end of the story on our daily lives and decisions. Eternity motivates, and corrects, the decisions we make daily about relationships, assets, activities and the things we value most.

We are diligent to nurture the righteousness we have inherited in Jesus. As we do so, we become more aware of a growing desire for greater righteousness, in all things. This in turn, drives a growing desire for the world of righteousness that we will inherit when Jesus returns and God judges all things.

We are diligent to protect ourselves from deception. Aware of the threat, we “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (vs. 18) This is where protection begins. Spending time with God in scripture. Testing all things. Even supposedly “Christian” things. There should be a strong warning in our spirit when we can count the days since we last spent time with God in His word!

All of this diligence is for the express purpose of being found by Him at the end of our life, without a blemish, or spot, and at peace. We inherited wholeness, moral newness, and a spirit of being at peace with God and others, when we were made new in our death, burial and resurrection with Jesus.

The Holy Spirit comes inside of us at that moment to build that newness out into the members of our body. The acts of the flesh are meant to be overwhelmed with the fruit of the Spirit. Of course, we will not live perfectly in this design. But, we can live more fully in it every year. And, that is the aim of those who confess to be children of God.

How are we doing with our diligence.


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