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Let Me Help You With Preparing Your Church For The Days Ahead

A number of years ago a partner network of churches in Houston graciously offered to video sessions that could accompany the book, “Renovation.”

Fall Envisioning with Dwight P. Smith

In recent years the church has forgotten the conviction of thousands of Christ followers, across two thousand years, who gave themselves to completing the last sending command of Jesus: “In your going, make disciples of all the peoples of the world” (Matt. 28:19). Instead, in an effort to draw people to Christ, much of the Western church today has sought to become relevant through golden-tongued leaders, star-quality worship bands, large-scale buildings, and myriad social programs.

Instead, God is on a mission to redeem lost men and women to Himself and restore them to relationship with and representation of Him. We, the already redeemed ones, are servants in this mission.

The primary need of the church in our day is not relevancy; rather, it is to provide people accessibility to the gospel through our day-to-day lives. God’s ultimate design for the church is simply for every member of Christ’s church to live the gospel in whatever places God calls us, thus saturating every home, workplace, community, city, and nation with the gospel message through the people of God.

I'm hopeful that you, your team, and friends that you know will prayerfully consider joining me for this time. Ultimately, my desire is to find and collaborate with those across the continent of North America who have a deep longing to see the full saturation of the gospel happen in their geographies. The time and continued commitment to such a goal requires patience and a willingness to truly think deeply about what it takes to see the full mobilization of all of God’s people happen in our contexts. As we labor toward that end, we do not have to do that alone. I look forward to having you join us during this Fall Envisioning.



Session 1: SCP Values

September 20th

12-1pm ET (30 minute Q&A following)

Session 2: The Nature and Purpose of the Church

October 18th

12-1pm ET (30 minute Q&A following)

Session 3: The Nature and Purpose of Leadership

November 15th

12-1pm ET (30 minute Q&A following)


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