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Christmas Means Family

Dear Friend,

Christmas means family. Yes, I know that it means Jesus. We remember Jesus every day of the year. Our Savior reminds us continually that God has chosen us for salvation.

Yet, at this time of the year, many of us will remember Jesus with our family and friends. We will rejoice together that not only did our savior come to earth, He is also coming again!

In the meantime, it has been a year like no other for Patti and I in terms of the task He has given to us on earth. We celebrated a week in the holy land, not long before the turmoil of today began.

I was scheduled to spend most of the month of November back in the holy land, considering together with most of the church leaders in Jordan, what God wants for their nation in these days. Additionally, I had planned to be with Russian leaders about the same question. Just before my trip, my colleague was arrested and spent several weeks in jail.

Excluding Russia, we are planning that trip once again in early 2024. Provided that the Middle East settles down a bit. We will also be in Spain and the UK.

dwight and patti smith

In a few days. I will celebrate my 76th birthday, Patti not far behind. I ponder, what am I to think of this milestone? Am I to ask God to give me more years, or to make the final years pain free? While those might be acceptable, I can’t bring myself to ask my Father for them.

We will take care of our bodies, and continue to be faithful for all of the opportunities, local and foreign He gives us. I am asking that we finish faithful for all that He has given us to accomplish for His glory and the Gospel.

Early in 2024, we will launch a twice monthly podcast. I am also recording my books and we will make them available as audio books for those who prefer to listen. One new book is in the final phases of editing and will be available in the first quarter. Another book is just beginning the process of editing.

Patti will make available for the first time, her Bible Study material ( BSG), starting with the Women of the Bible series. So, we should be busy!

Saturation Church Planting PO Box 77160 Corona, CA 92877 (designate it to the general fund)

Or, online:

Merry Christmas blessings on you.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

Dwight and Patti


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