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A Note From Patti

Patti has authored a bible study series which has been widely used in communities and house groups globally with partnering church planting movements we’ve worked with over the past decades. 

Recent efforts to make these studies available in print to others has resulted in these beautiful study workbooks which are now available for your small group or personal study time.  First to print was Women of the Bible - a deep dive into the lives of women who have played pivotal roles in God's eternal purpose through their lives of devotion.  Next we rolled out Philippians and Colossians with Ephesians going to print at the end of May.  A new study will be released each month. 

We pray these thoughtfully designed workbooks will invite you into meaningful moments with the Lord, enrich your time with Him and fuel a deeper hunger for His word.

book cover with coffee mug and pink flowers

A note from Patti

Some may ask, why have I done all of this work on so many Bible Study Group studies. The motivations were multiple:


1. I was asked to produce such studies for people and house groups in India. Ten of thousands of people in India have used them and they have supported the ongoing maturing of believers in thousands of house groups.

2. There is a primary value above all others for Christians, church leaders and churches. The most important need of the day is to help Jesus followers embrace time every day with their Heavenly Father through the Bible. It is God’s daily love letter to us, His children. 

Patti Smith books

3. There are many fine Bible study materials and Bible study teachers available. It was my conviction that something more completely stand alone was needed. BSG materials need only three things: the word of God, the Holy Spirit and the person. The studies are not educational tools, they are a relational tool to allow Christians in their desire to know Him better and walk with Him in obedience. 

4. Of course, many other church gathering activities and educational tools are also useful. But the greatest weakness in 21st century Christianity is the absence of daily relational time with the Heavenly Father in His word, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Anything less as a foundation, runs the risk of attempting to mature people in their Gospel faith through someone else’s discipline and experience. 

pressing on bible study group workbooks

The Bible Study Group material can be used in small groupings of people. Because there is no teacher, nor commentary search, nor video watching, the people in any grouping must spend their own personal time with the Heavenly Father.  

May God use this simple resource to inspire thousands to practice their priesthood. 


Patti Smith 

patti smith


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