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Our World Spins Out Of Control, But We Are Not The First

In light of the news this last week, I thought it wise to reissue some thoughts from one year ago. Time does not necessarily heal our reality!

Our world spins out of control. But we are not the first to do so, nor will be the last. Imagine for one moment Daniel, a very young man, carried away into slavery in Babylon. Ultimately Daniel served at least four kings in the highest positions of authority.

At the same time, he experienced change like none of us will ever experience, and his life was never his own. Yet, the story of his life, mixed into the visions of such a great span of history in the Bible, was always founded upon a supreme trust in God.

We are not living the life of Daniel or his other young compatriots, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. But we are moving through change like our generation has never experienced. We are living through the death of the American Empire.

No amount of “how to” books is going to solve our problems. If the crescendo of credible authors, both Christian and non Christian are right, then deep seated pain will be our future. Counselors, pastors, coaches, etc will not be able to help us. For just like us, they have no experience in the things that we will pass through.

Churches will close their doors forever. Church leaders will be threatened with jail time, unless they modify their “hate” beliefs. Christian schools will be financially squeezed out of business unless they have built their institutions without the help of government money. Children of Christian families will be tested.

But, just like Daniel and even many who followed him in time, God has a purpose, and we can trust Him no matter what happens. These others in scriptural history demonstrate foundations upon which our lives can and must be built, if we are to both survive and thrive.

That is my objective in this book. (This article is the introduction to a new book that I am completing). To mix together a bit of stark reality with divine hope. That hope is not so much founded upon the idea that we will be rescued. Or, that because we pray, things will instantaneously change and a hoped for normal will return

No, we may in fact suffer, and some may die. This ought not be a fear for those of us who know Jesus, and trust God. For to be absent from this world, is to be present with Jesus and prepared for an eternity with the Father.

I want to balance this starkness with the reminder of divine hope. Hope that we are given, and that we must nurture. That hope is nurtured when we exercise our faith. No matter what the circumstance.

There are a number of arenas that are most in need of exercise if we are to live and grow in hope in spite of stark realities

My prayer is that God will build your hope.


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