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New Release: Grandparents On A Mission

Of all the books I have written or participated in writing, this one holds first place in my heart.

It is the story of two people who have done a godly job of raising seven children and who now continue to influence for Jesus more than thirty grandchildren and a handful of great-grandchildren.

This is not just a story about this couple’s commitment to participate in raising their next generations. As the story unfolds, we get an intimate look into how they raised their own children as well and lovingly and winsomely invited them to walk with and trust Jesus Christ.

This story is desperately in need of being told to today’s generation of Christian grandparents and parents. Some of my spiritual children, who are in leadership in churches and networks all over America, share with me that one of their biggest challenges is the stark reality of church leadership today: upwards of 80 percent of their leaders come from broken homes. The pathway to marital, family, extended family, and church health is a steep one.

Grandparents on a Mission is a story of hope. Nothing we see in John and Leeba is beyond the pale of what we too can do with our own families. All the steps they took were lived out while John was more than busy with a medical practice and while he and Leeba were also joining friends and colleagues to start a new church—and lead it.

Yes, so much of what you will read about ministering to our children and grandchildren will take focus and dedication. But that is what following Jesus is all about.

This is a story—no, more of a challenge—from dear friends of Patti’s and mine. I am privileged to have participated in writing some of it. I am greatly hopeful and expectant that God will use this book to encourage many and to build families and churches that love and live Jesus.

You can find the book on Amazon: Grandparents on a Mission: Inviting Our Grandchildren to Walk with God.

Dwight and Patti Smith


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