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Discovering God Through His Word

This new series on Women of the Bible (part of a collection of other studies) invites us to daily enter into time with God in His Word.  We cannot live the life He has designed for us without time in His word. What a wonderful opportunity we have to grow in our relationship with Him and service to Him!  

Women of the Bible book by Dwight Paul Smith

In Psalm 19, we read that the heavens declare the glory of God, they display His handiwork.  Day and night they keep on telling us about God.  Verses 7 and 8 say that God’s Word is perfect, His Word protects us, makes us wise and gives us joy and light.  God’s word is eternal and more desirable than gold.  It is sweeter then honey dripping from the honeycomb.  His Word warns us away from harm and gives success to those who obey and walk with God.  

“More and more people are experiencing the mystery of this walk, abandoning themselves to their creator GOD.”   The mystery is the not the words of the Bible, but the God behind the Bible and the greater mystery that God invites us to Himself, Christ in you! (Colossians 1:27)  He has made this possible by the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, Jesus, on our behalf.  But, on a daily basis, He invites us into His presence.  Every day He invites us to enter into the mystery of a relationship with Him.  In spite of our weakness, or tiredness, or busyness, He invites us. Those who do enter in, discover that in abandoning themselves to Him, they find new strength for the demands, and needs, and relationships of everyday living. As more and more Christians enter into the mystery of a relationship with the living God, the world will also be given an incarnational witness of His love for them.

The prophet Hosea says (6:3), “Let us press on to know Him and He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the rain of early spring.” 

It is my joy to have spent the hours with Him myself, developing this simple tool for you to met Him in His word. My prayer is that as you take the time to study each lesson you will hear God’s voice to you personally. Guard this time and make it a priority in your life. You will soon discover that the Word is alive and your Creator God will become your life long friend. He is waiting for you!  It is my deepest prayer that this journey, and your daily time in God’s Word, will cause you to press on to know Him.  I pray you will find in Him the strength and power you need to live your life, not only with Him, but for Him!  It is our purpose to allow His Word and life to spill over unto others in this world and display the personhood of Christ through our actions and words.  May the daily use of this simple material and the encouragement of group gatherings, confirm to you His purposes.  May we build a community of groups from every tongue, tribe, and nation that seek God and studies His Word in unity.   


Patti Smith


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