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A Tool For Your Time With The Lord

After years of serving churches all over the world, we have become convinced that, if we do not form people in their own pursuit of our Heavenly Father, rooted in personal time with Him through His Scriptures, I am not sure what we have accomplished!! 

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This strident statement has motivated us for decades. The overwhelming impact of “crowd” Christianity concerns us. It concerns us because the nature of our daily lives define whether we will join Jesus in heaven. Without the daily relational time with our Heavenly Father, where are people headed? 

With this urgency in mind, Patti took up the task of creating a tool for daily time in relationship with our Creator through time in His inspired word. She had several hopes in mind:

  1. That the material would be simple enough to stand alone. No teacher, no gathering, no prior knowledge would be necessary. Simply put, we would trust the Spirit of God to inform and guide the user to greater intimacy with our Father. 

  2. That it could be used among smaller groups of people. But, if this kind of gathering was not the result of time each person had already spent with God in His word, the gathering would be out of focus. 

  3. That the greatest need of our day is for Christian people to be daily formed into the righteousness of Jesus. The word of God itself is the best tool, the Spirit of God is the best mentor, the Son of God is the exclusive model. Others can assist. But, no follower of Christ can live someone else’s journey of obedience, they must live their own. 

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With these convictions in mind, we have taken the step to provide these tools to the broader body of Christ. We commend them to you. 

Perhaps the place to begin is to find four or five people in your orbit of influence and responsibility, and, ask them individually to use them. Then, ask them to find each other from time to time and see what happens!!?


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