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Six Keys to Maturing Your Faith

Coming in May

I would like to help you with your leaders and your people.

You are invited to a free offer. And, I ask that you share this offer with other churches and people. 


Like few other generations before us, we live in a pornographic world. I don’t mean that there is pornography all around. That of course is true. But, my concern is deeper. We have a generation who have been so conditioned by the pornographic environment, that the deepest parts of their beings are pornographic. We are wounded and in need of healing. 


God offers to heal us. Healing can come to people who choose it. This audio series and the book that accompanies is for those of us who are in Jesus Christ and want Him to heal us. For us, over the extent of our lifetimes, we can experience much more healing of our deformities than we have too often realized. 

Freedom from Bondage to the Flesh: by Dwight Paul Smith

The topic was so important that I included it in the year long training program that I carried out with a number of churches and their leadership. One of those churches saw fit to do some high quality recording of the three sessions on the flesh.

I am dividing those three 50 minute or so recordings into six 25 minute or so sessions.

I will write six introductions to each session, which I have entitled “Six keys to maturing in your faith from Galatians 5 and 6". The recorded material will not necessarily track with the written presentations, but will supplement it. The audio sessions will track more closely with my book, “Freedom from bondage to the Flesh.”

Purchase the book above as a prelude to this upcoming series.

More in a few weeks
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