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Willy the Duck!


You all well know that grandma loves animals. I suppose in a different life, we might have been farmers!!! The challenge would be that we would have starved to death. Neither of us could kill the animals.

Willy the duck came into our life when I was about 16, and grandma was 14. Who knows what came into my head to buy her a duck. And, who knows what her parents thought!

Willy was a spoiled duck. He took baths in the household bathtub. He received lots of attention. He ate the finest of corn. He had his own little house. Ultimately, Willy was killed by one of the many small wild animals roaming the neighborhood.

Willy was a symbol of grandma’s love for animals, especially unwanted ones. It was a symbolic precursor of the compassion that God would grow in her for people.

In one of her first vignettes to you a month or two ago, she talked about women. Indian women, Cambodian women, and, about children, widows and orphans. Those feelings, those commitments in her, were formed early on.

It was a compassion for the unprotected that was seen in Willy and a whole series of abandoned cats who have come through our home. And, in the many women who have lived in our home.

We pray that while you need to show strength in understanding and declaring God’s word, you will demonstrative compassion on people, especially unprotected people!

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