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Ukraine / Chinese

Mid-June 2022

War in Ukraine the very place we lived, our children lived and our grandchildren were born. Today Ukraine is in war! Our times our in God’s hands, our place, our governments. Proverbs 21:1 says “ The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will”. Knowing His control in this world helps us to hold on to the truth and future we see in God’s Word. We all live under His rule, His authority and all will give an account of his life to God (Romans 3:19, 14:12).

Just a memory of my joy in serving the Lord in Kyiv. A group mostly Chinese each week came to my apartment to study the Bible. They were so faithful. Sometimes through heavy snow and winds, they surprised me in coming. I can still picture their shoes lining my outside door. God was allowing these Chinese to study in Ukraine and their hunger and open hearts was a gift for me to see. Away from their own land, culture and families, they had the freedom to hear of the God who loved and created them. Life was hard for them in Ukraine, they had to learn language and sometimes two languages to study, they were robbed and made fun of since they were different but God had His plan for them. One special Christmas holiday we had a party at Chad and Mandy’s . We could not speak chinese but they felt welcomed and loved. I shared the story of Jesus from very beautiful pictures, Abi helped grandma change the pictures. They had never heard the story of Jesus! Why have we never heard this story? How long have you know this story of Jesus? How many still do not know they can walk and talk with the God of the Universe? We still have a job on this earth to accomplish. What is your part? You have heard many others have not heard.

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