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He Provides and Protects

Mid-July 2022

The apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians 2 and verse 10 that God is always out in front of us. When we order our lives according to His word and in obedience, He provides and protects.

I can remember two times when He did both for me. One summer, more than twenty years ago I was on my way back from Eastern Europe……again. During that period of time, I had been traveling often, too often. Some months I, and many times with grandma, was on an airplane nearly every week, multiple times each week.

On this occasion, I had a connection in London, and was not looking forward to my flight to the US. I asked the Lord, please may I find the seat next to me empty! I waited until the last minutes to board, postponing the agony.

When I arrived at my seat, on a fully loaded plane (!!!), not only was the seat next to me occupied, my own seat was occupied. Now it looked like I was not going to arrive home today.

The stewardess asked me to stand at the back until she could find another seat. My imagination “saw” that seat. In the middle of the middle bank of seats, between two people who barely fit in their own!!!! For nine hours.

The door was about to shut. The stewardess finally came back to me and said, there are no more seats. How about we put you in business class????

God does provide, sometimes more than we can even ask. Next time, more on how He protects.

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