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Grandma and I met at age 13 & 15

June 2022

We are not recommending this to you as the optimal age. But, there are great things that came to us because we met, and married so young.

One, we grew up together! We have had the opportunity to nurture relationship with each other for nearly 60 years. In many, but not all, ways, we have learned to think alike. We have learned to be silent together. We have learned to anticipate each others needs. None of this perfectly, but surely more than many others.

Two, our families grew up together! The epitome of this can be seen in the weekly gathering of the two sets of parents to pray for us during our first term in Colombia, SA.

Three, we grew up in the same spiritual environment! Our local church was the center of our spiritual formation, friendships and time involvement.

Four, this healthy, spiritual environment provided for time to grow a marriage. During times of urgency or struggle, both parents were only a few minutes away during the first few years.

What do we pray for you?

God’s provision of a mate
A mate from a whole and healthy family
Common spiritual desires and disciplines.

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