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February 2023


I have spent more time alone than most people in the world. Since my mom and dad both worked full time, I was alone much of the time,‘especially during summer vacation.

For many of the years of international travel, I have also been alone. There was always someone to meet me on the other end. But, the long hours in airports and on planes were more often than not alone.

While I don’t advocate this aloneness as a way of life, there were some hidden blessings:

1. I had lots of time to think. Reading and thinking have been key factors that the Spirit of God has used to breed thoughts that ultimately turned into books.

2. I had lots of time to spend in my Bible with God. There is always a quiet place in any airport where you can be at peace with God, our Father.

3. I had lots to time to feel a good aloneness that I think enriched our marriage.

While most of you have brothers and sisters, I think it a good thing to seek out some aloneness from time to time.


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