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We Can Be Free From the Power of the Flesh

We can be free from the power of the flesh! Sequel to “Winning the War Against the Flesh”


In my first book on the flesh, “Winning the War Against the Flesh” I attempted simply to lay a foundation for what I guess we could call a theology of the flesh. What is the flesh? Where did it come from? How much power does it still have? How can we begin to deal with the flesh?


Since writing that book I have continued to ponder the topic and most importantly  the victory that God intends us to have. Maybe nothing demonstrates the importance of the topic more than the epidemic of pornography in our midst. 


Pornography creates a hole deep in the heart and mind of those addicted to it, it contaminates their marriage relationship. It destroys the spiritual peace of mind and plagues the conscience. Wives can be resilient. But imagine the images that linger in her mind whenever intimacy is sought?


I have spent most of the last year working on the the topic of the flesh. Since writing the first book, I have continued pondering just how the flesh also corrupts the things that make us most human, the things that most reflect the image of God: our mind, our emotions and our will. The mind especially is a battle ground as it is most regularly and intimately fed by what we see, hear, think and too often what we feel. 


I have spent the last year meeting with over 40 young leaders, in many churches. Though I did not encounter obvious examples of the sexual perversions so rampant in our culture, I did encounter ignorance to the power of the flesh and, what I suspect are deeply seeded areas of lives that have been wounded, corrupted, rebellious, etc and are now at some level incapacitated by the flesh. 


The pathways for healing from this and indeed any other addiction are not easy. What concerns me most is how hard it has been for addicted people, whether to sex, or lying or angers, or food or self, etc. to get the help they need. The church ought to be the first line of confrontation and provision. In too many cases this has been missing. The persons’ fault or the church's fault? Who knows! But clearly if churches are struggling to confront this in their own leaders, then it is not too far fetched to also expect that they are not prepared to help their members.  


So, we turn to counselors. But that has been slow, and honestly too expensive. Research on sexual healing centers is even more shocking. The cost is off of the chart. 


But, what does the church do with this epidemic of failure? Though I am sure that similar issues have always been in our midst, the present lawless corruption of our culture and all of its instruments, makes the battle both more acute and the failures more often. All of this to say nothing about the glory of God that is impacted. 


I am writing not so much with easy solutions but with concern. Concern for lives, especially church leaders that they stay vigilant to the dangers, and, open to areas where God wants to protect them and heal them. Concern for the leadership in your churches. Concern for the members you have responsibility for. Concern for our Christian witness in the face of a culture in rebellion. 


May God give you the wisdom, tenacity and protection necessary to confront what may be the greatest danger to biblical faith in our day. I pray that this book will help many find the freedom only God can give. 

We Can Be Free From the Power of the Flesh

Dwight Smith

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