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Decisions are Turning Points

April 2022

While working in our 20s’ as youth pastor in Northern California. I was called to help my former dentist go into villages in Mexico to do humanitarian work.  I was very excited, so I packed my bag overflowing with tracks to distribute to the people we would be working on.  Tracks are little papers which explain the love and sacrifice of Jesus for all people.

We flew out from Long Beach by small plane. The next morning leaving by even smaller planes to different villages. I was able to do injections and pull teeth but most exciting for me was passing out the literature I brought while the many sweet faces stood in line. Oh, how I wish I spoke Spanish well enough to explain about the God that created each one of them and loves them. God stirred and renewed my heart for the lost without Jesus.  All the commitments I had made came flooding over me. Why are we still in the U.S.? Arriving home I asked Dwight when we were leaving for overseas? We had committed our lives to lost people. Let's get on with it. We started researching boards. I really believe 6 weeks we had sold or given away all and were on our way. Missionary training school (Doug was the only child) he was a bit rambunctious and the center of attention. Language school and then Colombia!

Decisions are not always easy, many take risks, steps forward into the unknown. But, God led us all the way, fulfilling  our hearts desire to serve the Lord.  Some of you know or have met the Coterelos. They were there to put us on the plane with our parents and friends. Looking back as a grandmother I can’t imagine the mix of joy and sorrow for Gladys, as her only grandchild was to be so far away. Years later, it would be all 4 of her dear grandchildren boarding a plane for Colombia. With service comes sacrifice. Putting God 1st is always the right decision. 

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